Apartwall app

The Project

Remote control app that changes the way we comprehend the space of our home.
The app allow us to adjust our space to different situations by using a system that can shift the walls in the boundaries of any giving space.

The application has two different viewing modes, one is the 3D mode and
the other a 2D drawing

Main concept Adaptable Home Partitions remote control that controls home space dimensions for multiple uses and situations.


Target audience 25+ year-old apartment renters

Ux process
30 year old, single.
Living in a 35 m² studio apartment.

"I would like to decide how many rooms will be in my apartment at any given time and how large they will be or maybe that the apartment will simply become one big space."


Social and organized.


"Today I am forced to live in an apartment that does not necessarily fit my needs."


"I want the space of the apartment to adapt to the different situations in my routine."


  • The desire to expand a room or alternatively to reduce it by moving sections of walls.

  • Changing the interior of the a house according to the nature of an event or specific needs without breaking any built walls and without any fundamental change in the essence of the house/ apartment.

  • The ability to use the same space for an open space or for a smaller, more intimate spaces.

  • Space efficiency in small apartments.


  • Friends arrive for dinner and there is not enough space to host them in the main living room of the house.

  • Adding additional space / study / small storage rooms.

  • Small or oversized bedrooms not properly utilized.

  • Spaces of empty entrance hallways that are not being used at a specific moment.

  • Changing the nature of one's life status from a relationship to a family with children, perhaps a change in the need for and multiple bedrooms.