Groupies - art major

A group application that works simultaneously on four devices together and is committed to all four


Create a group learning app. App that helps prepare for the test with friends

User Needs

Learn better for the exam and be prepared.

Collaboration between friends to promote each other by learning together.

Your success and your group success.
in the exam.


Creating an effective learning environment that helps the user learn and helps the group members help each other, with an emphasis on grouping

Group learning will encourage the group members to succeed and pass the test.


First and second stage - Physical interaction

The app combines physical interaction. The first step is common to everyone, at this point users need to put together a puzzle. Each user receives part of the puzzle and after assembling the puzzle by physically attaching the cellular devices on the table, the cellular screens unite into one screen.


third stage - personal questions

At this stage the users take the phone and answer the personal questions on their own. If one user makes a mistake, the mistake count for the whole group.